I know, my name would be unknown rather forgotten
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The White Wolf by gedsalazargarcia. Available in tee, tanktop, sweatshirts and iphone case at Design by Humans

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Young Wild and Free laptop case at http://society6.com/gedsalazargarcia/WILD-YOUNG-AND-FREE_Laptop-Skin

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so right

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WILD, YOUNG & FREE by Ged Salazar Garcia 

Are you wild? Are you young? Are you free? Good, then you’ve met the requirements to own this tee!

WILD YOUNG AND FREE t-shirt available here A collaboration of gedsalazargarcia, nicebleed, spykee and dzeri29 for Threadless

Manila under pressure, 05-08 August 2012

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STRING OF HOPE by gedsalazargarcia. Inside the mind of an unfortunate child, sleeping, not in the bedroom we know, but at the street of innocent survival. Check and support this art here 

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Black Balloon is now available at Captain Kyso for only $14! Check out their online shop at captainkyso.com where you can find bunch of cool graphic tees that will Keep Your Shirt On.

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Wild, Young & Free  4-IN-1 Collaboration of Nicebleed, Spykee, Dzeri29 and gedsalazargarcia. Thanks to the three masters for letting me dig their minds and share their talents for this project.

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String of Faith by gedsalazargarcia. Share some love here http://bit.ly/gedfaith. Inside the mind of a dreamer, soaring high, catching the stars of radiant density.

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KISS BY A WOLF by gedsalazargarcia ”“I am the sword in the darkness. I am the watcher on the walls. I am the fire that burns against the cold…” Share some love here

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Rise of the Dark Knight by gedslazargarcia. Please share some love by voting here http://bit.ly/gedrise Thanks! ”When Gotham is ashes, you have my permission to die.” -TDKR.